Flood Affected Cars - Precautions

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Flood Affected Cars - Precautions

Alert-Vehicle Safety Advisory,

Dear Customer, hope you and your family are safe. Avoid driving in water-logged areas. In case vehicle is stuck in water, do not try to start the Engine. Even one attempt can cause serious damage. Kindly follow some precautions.


  • Do not start the vehicles from the place where the water stands.
  • Remove the vehicle from the spate area without starting the car.
  • Do not try to turn on the vehicle despite vehicle is in the apartment’s basement.
  • Battery terminals should be rapidly replaced by the help of workshop.
  • If the vehicle is Automatic Transmission, it will be pulled onto any surface. If it is not possible, the front wheel or driving wheel should be pulled off the ground otherwise the AT gear box will be damaged.
  • Do not try to drive through the water even if you find vehicles crossing the water. The arrangements of fittings of Filter / Snorkel of each vehicle are different. The engine will shutoff if water goes into it. Moreover don’t try to restart the engine from the same place, ask help from the garage and get information from the insurance companies.
  • Engine oil should be replaced of flooded vehicles by changing two or three times when it is cleaned and Air filter, Oil filter, and Fuel filter should be replaced. Moreover clean all possible area to intake water.
  • After filling Engine oil, lift up the front wheels with jacky and rotate with hands.
  • Then we are looking to electric parts. It’s good to replace all fuses instead of clean and reuse.
  • Start the engine with considers all the above precautions.

Call your insurance company. Flood damage is generally covered by comprehensive (fire and theft) insurance, so even if you don't have collision coverage, you may be covered for repairs or replacement. Your insurance company will probably be flooded (sorry) with claims, so it's a good idea to start the process early.

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